Are you an Artist looking to digitize your original work? We provide an artwork photography service, helping you turn original designs into marketable products.

Making a living as an Artist is not easy especially with the escalating costs of producing products such as signed prints, greetings cards, coasters, t-shirts etc.

Before you can design those products you will need digital copies of your work at the highest possible resolution.

We offer digital photography of artwork.

Benefits over Scanning

Some artists choose to scan their 2D artwork, however, this method has its limitations and can be very costly. You can only scan 2D work that fits the scanner and finding a large format scanner is hard to do. Works on canvas, box canvas or wood can not be scanned in this way. It is also not advisable to scan delicate works such as pastel and charcoal drawings.

Collect your files on USB

This service includes, consultation, photography, cropping, colour adjustment, digital image stitching (if required), digital image clean up.

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